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Traditional mail is useless in today’s dynamic and fast changing world where business communications need to be delivered instantly. In this scenario web services like webmail play a fundamental role in everyday business tasks. Entrepreneurs and local businesses usually start without a defined business plan or with generic guidelines. This lack of details is not important at the beginning (In example: free email accounts to communicate with clients and providers), but when business grow it is important to have branded email accounts to improve visibility and trust.

Two main options to use email services nowadays are connecting with a client program to email server and download the messages or connect through internet browsers to webmail services.  First option is better when using mobile phones or custom software applications to manage email messages; second option has the advantage of being more flexible and can be used everywhere without the need of installing any software.

Most of professional webmail services allow customizing logos and appearance. It is also possible to use our own domain as email address with the service, creating this way a foundation for further online brand development.

For small business it is better to outsource webmail services and reduce the cost of IT expenses if this is not the core of the business. On the other and big companies with IT departments and hosting resources like dedicated servers can develop internal webmail services installing their own email servers and webmail interface.

Other option is using free email addresses and redirect emails to company domain to the free email addresses, but for a big company not controlling his data is a very bad sign and in some cases a legal risk if data from third parties is involved. Growing Small business should also be able to control their information and upscale IT resources without problems by going to bigger webmail plans in any moment. This allow to avoid situations like a client sending a big file close to dead line and not being able to receive it because free accounts have limitations on mail size and there is no possibility to change the free webmail plan to the next pricing level…

In conclusion webmail services can be an efficient way of managing internal and external company communications. In the case of small business not related to IT, time saved by outsourcing webmail services is a good investment that allows business owners to focus on developing their business instead of dealing with other non productive tasks.

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