Leadership skills

In a global business environment, leadership skills are one of the most valuable assets that managers can develop. Leaders are all the time in a relevant position and are responsible and accountable for business success or failure. Analytical thinking and business ideas mean nothing if they cannot be transformed in real world services or products. This is the main motivation for managers and top executives, transform the world according to their ideas, but big ideas need big teams of people working together to reach the final objective. These teams need to be coordinated and point all the individual efforts in the same direction; that is the task of team leaders and company managers.

For the purpose of improving the required personal abilities there are several leadership skills lists that analyze the main points to focus on, each one usually concentrates only on one field: emotional, organizational, financial… Good leaders cannot focus on only one fraction of the whole process regarding styles, they need a full skill set to understand the impact of their actions as a whole.

Leadership and management comprehend the following concepts:

  • Self Awareness
  • Accept failure
  • Long term vision
  • Develop different points of view
  • Delegate tasks
  • Take controlled risks
  • Developing analytical skills
  • Flexibility on change
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation
  • Team building
  • Listening different opinions
  • Improvisation
  • Organizational management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Resource management
  • Fast learner

Leadership is more about following others and helping them to reach their goals than about getting authority and using it to model the world according to our own desires. The sum of other’s goals should be the function that allows completing our final objective as leader.

Success on leadership can be attained by connecting business process with people behavior. This alignment improves productivity and creates synergies in company structure. People will push in the same direction without the need of supervision when they start to believe in the project. This is only possible when someone gives confidence and act as visible head taking the responsibility.

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